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Great game but sometimes the fish disappear


Name room is fish. for TOMORROW ok? bye ><


My 4 year old loves it.

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I can't open the game on mac, all it says is can't open application. Can you fix this please?

Does anyone want to play? my room name is: hi

i just played it with my best friend it made me laugh so much my stomach hurt. it was a really funny experienc

I really love this game! I think you should add more levels. I'm playing this game with friend right now and it's so fun to play :D

Will there be an android version?

I laughed so hard and recommended it to more friends to play. 


Yet ANOTHER silly video on my favorite game of all time!

pls port the game to linux :D

Really great game, I've played it with pretty much all my online friends at different times. 10/10 The only thing I've noticed is that sometimes the fish disappears although there is a workaround  where all players can choose to restart the match by pressing R so it's not that big a deal. Well done ! 

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when im playing on mac it doesnt let me play alone at the joining screen

enter doesnt work

could you add a double play on keyboard? like one stays with WASD and J for jumping and the other the arrows and space to jump

this is one of the best game ever made i like how the mechanice revolt around the ragdoll of the cats and how sticky they are

Anyone want to play this game with me and my friend? If so, add my discord, which is Yes.#1797

Best party game but sadly online multiplayer is broken


I played online with my friends a couple days ago and everything was fine. There might be something wrong with you or your friend's computer

really really funny game, i love it




It a windows 64 bits game?

Really, I love it. The music, the art and the overall gameplay is great. Super fun short game for playing with friends whenever you need something that lightens the mood.


super fun! would recommend playing with friends

literally every game i played the fish got stuck outside the level

Hey! Loved the game so much that we HAD to make another silly video!

man. i have no1 to play with... BUT IF U WANA PLAY WITH ME TOMORROW AT 12 PM (pt) THEN JOIN! THE NAME IS GONNA BE cats cats and more cats ARE YOU READY??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ok ill stop ?

Hey trying to reach someone at Bone Bros with an inquiry about Sticky Cats.

Hi there, I've just sent you an email

I would also like to send an inquiry, can you please email me as well at

no i cannot

Just made a silly video! Hope y'all find it entertaining!

Heya, great video, thanks for playing! I'm glad you had fun (in spite of the glitches!) :P

sticky cats first unofficial discord server

to undie the gam

here is the teleporter:

i hope this will be seen

buen juego bro

how do i make it 2 player

This game is awesome! keep up the great work.


i have no friends *crying* :(

me too wanna play together

Very pog game! Ilove it

it was pog.

i loved it 420

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even the trailer is fun


so much fun game played with bestie balls

hahaaa ball


this was epic here is why

  • cat
  • fish hunting
  • nice game to play with firends

hey bestie balls

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